Mathematical Concepts for NL Holdem - Part 2

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In the second part of his new series "Mathematical Concepts for NL Hold'em", Hasenbraten talks about equity, pot odds and simple EV-calculations.


Mathematics for NoLimit series Theory Video

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  • MITStudent


    first :)
  • prevolsek


    the graphs are worth gold :)
  • gibbonvasya


  • Blackjed


    47:00 I think you have mistake, correct me if I am wrong.

    You added only hero bet in WIN but forgot to add calling station call for that bet, this makes whole calculation complitely different.
  • Blackjed


    I was wrong...

    it' s same as with EV of coin flip in part 1 :) EV = 0.5*1-0.5*1=0

    not like I am trying to tell 0.5*2-0.5*1

    you can delite my comments if you want
  • hasenbraten


    np :)
  • bobymarley21


    esta bueno , pero lo podrian hacer un doblaje en spanish please.
  • Razkin


    wow! Very helpful. Thank you very much. (:
  • 4bur


    Very nice, thanks for the video!
  • Jhanr


    amazing video! i really enjoy understanding why i should call 4bb for set value against a big stack, la experiencia no lo puede decir, pero es mejor saber la razon matematica para hacer este tipo de juego, thanks
  • kwasir11


    you forgot the last closing bracket on 33:37 ;-)
  • Teyiebuns


    Wow, amazing. As a former maths student I never applied maths to poker this way and now it seems like it could improve my play exceedingly. I do have to admit, however, I fell asleep half way through and had to wake up and rewatch that part, but I did have a very relaxing sleep, however! lol
  • Luupainaja


    Great video, thanks!
  • cornelushh


    where is the part 1 of mathematical concept ?
  • Ajkula88


    Geiles video! Wo gibs die dutsche Version??
  • ACi0coiu


    I have a problem: At min."6:00","video"); , you say 2*16(the last part at the calculus of XsYs from a speific range); where 2 is the number AQs,AKs, and 16 is the number of combos. But aren't they 32 combos?
    There are 32 diferent combos of AQ and AK, and i don't understand why do you consider only 16.
  • sarvam


    #14 you're right.

    I think it was a missclick, because the 62 is correct.

    Great video!