After the Flop: An Opponent Has Initiative

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Your opponent having the initiative after the flop can’t be a good thing. This video explains how to deal with that particular situation and how to gain advantages from it.


postflop Theory Video

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  • darkrum18


    I really enjoyed this video.
  • LGrant


    I am glad you did, do you have any questions ?
  • AleMantovani


    On minute 7:03, the video "jumps" a part and the explanation on the thumb rule, but the video is awesome and i enjoyed it really much =)
  • gnawhalak


    again.. great vid! thanks
  • technoboy89


    good video
  • TheChauffeur


    There seems to be a glitch at 7:03
  • KePasSa


    Nice Video!
  • kamojett


    Well here it is Jan 27, 2011 and guess what? Still a glitch at 7:03.
  • LGrant


    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for highlighting the glitch at 7.03 and our apologies that it has not been sorted out.

    This will be addressed asap and the video released again.
  • LGrant


    Hi again everyone,

    This has now been fixed.

    kind regards

  • legand73


    With an average made hand, i'm in position and bet on the flop. This video recommends then giving up on turn. But wouldn't this show weakness and induce a bet from the opponent on the river? It seems more reasonable (to me) to bet the turn in order to get a free card on the river. Would like an explanation please
  • kolacek


    One thing. In the example 9 situation. I Would NEVER EVER EVER EVER lay down a full house. Becouse his playing style can indicate several things.
    1. His raise from CO can just mean he's attacking the blinds so he can have any combination whatsoever.
    He called my raise on the flop which could mean he has either some kind of a strong draw, maybe a monster draw or even a made hand with like ACE 4 of or even 4, 6. IF he had a made hand I think he would bet the turn again so I can rule this out, so maybe his draw didn't hit so he just checks. On the river there are several options on what he's doing.
    1. He has a top pair or even the 5 and just made a full house. HE is so damn happy and places a large bet, becouse now he beats any straight
    2. He is trying to steal the pot. He concluded in my lack of interest on the turn, that I have probably Trash cards so he is trying to steal it with a busted draw.
    3. Maybe if he is a dummie he is still betting with a made straight, but I dont think so..
    4. He has an overpair like 6,6 (gut-shot on the flop) and thinks his full house has to be the best, since he has overcards
    5. The sad option, he actually has an overpair even to us and we are busted (but i think the chance that this happened is fairly small, and our pot odds are 2,5 : 1) Do you really think he would have a stronger full house or eve quads more often than this?
  • kolacek


    sorry I meant top pair or even the 3*
  • Maarteen


    Difficult reading, good to have a related video in place.
  • PokarFace


    Very detailed! Great video with lot's of common flop examples!