Crash Course - Playing Out Of Position As Aggressor (2)

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25 - $400
  • Shorthanded
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In the second part of his new series, w34z3l review important spots where we are playing out of position with the initiative. Enjoy and leave a comment below.


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  • DecMate


    Great vid as always weasel, thank you
  • barona94


  • Doctorzlo2192


    Not bad
  • sharkutt


    un peu de français serait pas mal!!!!!
  • Prismatic75


    En Español estaría de perlas! pero algo se entiende...
  • AthleticAZ


    Thank you, w34z3l!

    I appreciate this very much.
  • gastonh


    great video, I love the way you explain the concepts.
  • modeob


    Great video! I have some dude, you say in the last part of the video that we have some "strong draws" in our x/c range, but in other part of the video you say that we should play: x/c and sometime x/r our strong draws.

    If you can explain will be great!!, maybe with strong draws its ok to play xc xr and cbet, that is to say play a mix strategy!
  • modeob


    See again this video, wow!!! Never is too much!