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Live lowstakes Zoom action with our coach w34z3l. Enjoy and leave a comment below!


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  • Pawez0


    what is that hud ?
  • mlatasrb


    You said he already raised twice vs small bet it might be coincidence, but actually most of regs cbet 25%-33% pot size and is very bluff heavy, so most of regs consider small bet size as protection bet or bluff and raise it agro on both NL50 and NL100 zoom.
  • mlatasrb


    By the way small cbet size is very effective on NL50 and NL100, most of players fold a lot even though they raise more vs small size than vs big. I often have a feeling especially on river that i get more FE with small size than big
  • mlatasrb


    AJo BTN vs CO call 3bet 13:50 i think that it is mistake to bluff it. You win good % of time vs his bluffs that check river, and i think that fish rarely folds AK, AQ or weak pair in such spot due to paired board and all draws busted (even regs might call that river).
  • mlatasrb


    18:49 hand 66 left table. You say Kh is not a good river, why? i think that it is great. When he check calls F he will mostly have weak Tx and mid pairs, weak pairs. I almost never see regular calling 2 streets OOP with a fd, so he should be folding river vs 50% bet size a lot. You could even bet 33% River and fold his top pairs and weaker which consist >95% of range.
  • mlatasrb


    26:57 what do you achieve with cbet AK? he never folds 99-JJ, AQ, KQ, and likey not AK. so only hand he might fold is AJ and maybe he has some more hands. I think that in general Qxx is bad for cbet bluff in 4bet spot
  • w34z3l


    #6 seems unlikely we need to bluff 66 on the river here. It has some SDV plus we have other logical bluff candidates on this runout. Simply not a great river because it gives villain more hands that beat our 66, don't overthink it.
  • w34z3l


    #7 It's not a big deal to check here. Your analysis is overly vacuumed though (you are mostly just thinking about the flop setup rather than later street playability).

    Keep in mind that it's great if villain folds out worse hands, also great if he wants to call with draws (that we beat), and also great if we spike an Ace or King and can barrel. Note that we also have backdoor gutshots we can barrel which can also get called by worse while at the same time folding out better.

    It's really important to visualize the expectation of the entire hand rather than looking merely at whether villain is folding better on the flop. Having said that, the expectation of bet-vs-check is close here imo. However, based on your comments one might imagine that you think betting is terrible, when this is unlikely to be the case.
  • w34z3l


    #1 The HUD is my Death Star HUD. There is a forum thread here at pokerstrategy with details.
  • mlatasrb


    #8 what SDV does 66 have after villain calls F and T OOP as preflop agressor? It has almost none imo. What are for you other logical bluffs? I mean why does it matter if bluff is logical, it only matters if a bluff is +EV or not and i think in this spot it is very +ev which is why i would bluff even hands that might win rarely on showdown. If a bluff would have marginal FE, meaning that it is just slightly +ev, in that case i agree that we should bluff hands with no showdown and good blockers. Or you try here to play with unexploitable bluff frequency?
  • mlatasrb


    # 9 my point is that with cbet on that flop we don't have enough FE to cbet +EV. When we hit A or K it is not clear value hand, it has maybe 1 more street value. But yeah maybe i am not putting villain on correct range, if he calls wider, he might fold more. Thanks for the answers.
  • witt597


    25:27 why do you say it is correct to make a small c bet for protection? I put that in a solver and in those spots it says that check its always the best option
  • vandixxx


    So many unanswered questions. I think vids quality going in a sad way..