The Hot $7.50 Turbo MTT Dual Commentary - Final Table (2)

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $6.50 - $11
  • Full-ring
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In 2nd part of this duo review, our coaches discuss the late stage of the tournament and the final table.


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  • Stazuke


    Good vid. Making sense.
  • Roli000


    Great video
  • ghaleon


    9:20 A5o: Agree on comments about this. Imo if you call turn you can still fold diamond rivers. This is practically absolute bottom of our calling range pretty much so I think its fine to fold at that sort of river.

    I mean at that point you have stuff like flush draws completing, you can have 33, AT, A9, A3. Personally I would have little to no check-raise range as villain just has such huge range advantage. Villain hand is preeeeetty absurd and if you get to that river with it I suppose it should be bluff shove with Jd blocker. Well he was probably value betting in his mind.

    20:00 JTo: Would be ok hand to limp as well but yeah SB doesnt seem type to attack with light 3bets so fine with raise. Flop is clear cbet to take range advantage. I would think BB wont have too many Ax or 2x so our fold equity for small cbet is huge.

    Personally I like small size as hero does and barreling lot of turns. Villain capped range just gets into nasty nasty spot.

    24:30 27s: Limping fine as villain seems passive overall. Versus aggro would just open fold as mid stack. I would tend to use this hand as bet flop, bet turn hand. Its not really one you want to use for three barrels but at same time villain has lot more 6x, 4x, some gutshots and such that will often fold to somewhere around 70-80% of pot bet. Plus if we get called hand is clear value bet if hitting river.

    For three barrel you dont really want to have spades as villain then has harder time to be drawing for it and his calls will be more of made hands.

    27:30 97o: I like our gun hero here :D

    28:31 Fish logic in these plays tend to be that they put BB short stack allin with this size. I suppose they just forget there is that minor problem of SB having like 35bb stack. Can get into funny spots when bigger stack wakes with monster...

    28:50 K3o: Pretty surprised to see hero shoving trash K here and folding T5o from SB before. This should be lot worse spot imo.

    29:05 94o: Usually not planning to fold turn but this is weird spot as villain bets 2xpot basically... Like do we think he does this with air? Because if he mostly has something then we are screwed and even if he has random overcards I would imagine having close to no fold equity. So I think fold versus this absurd size is perhaps best.

    30:05 JJ: Shoving this but with KK+ or so I might go for totally exploitative 3bb raise. Like these villains are so fishy that I think BU is still limp-folding crap load versus shove and they probably wont read small raise as nuts.

    30:50 97s: This should be shpve all day long versus pretty much anyone. Hand just has simply too much equity to be limp-folded. This guy is passive so I see some merit in limping as we so often get to postflop but probably still shoving and using 97o as limp.

    32:30 24s: When analyzing ranges with HRC for SB shove its often advisable to look correct range :D