No-Limit Beginner's Course 2017 - Learn From Your Own Mistakes (8)

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The last part of the series will help you to understand how to analyze your own game and how to learn from your own mistakes. Find out more about the series here.


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  • elvinh1


    Too bad there are no more videos for basic members, and beginners. :) I hope you shall provide us with more and longer videos! Cheers!
  • iolandaduarte


  • HumanErr0r88


  • 7pifune7


  • Koolmilk22


    Very nice well done
  • kolun8888


  • reservig


    Nice infos
  • Canonnsh


    Wow heb wel iets sneaky bijgeleerd , zo ga ik er toch een paar dikke hands meewinnen en nog eens 10000 winnen! Love poker love the game!
  • Spidey1978


    Thanks Confi - I learned a lot about my play and improving in general - all in all a great course I would recommend beginners go to - looking forward to catching up with your Game Plan course now!