No-Limit Beginner's Course 2017 - Adjustments Pre-Flop (4)

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In this episode our coach talks about necessary adjustments pre-flop that you will have to make when moving up. Find out more about the series here.


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  • gilberxavier


    Muy bueno
  • alemko86


  • gilberxavier


    Muy bueno te ayuda a saber en que momento puedes hacer una subida de acuerdo a la posicion muy importante para estar por sobre el rival
  • hajdoni4win


    What next?
  • SeppseN


    nice 1
  • Spidey1978


    I am enjoying putting these adaptations into practice - starting slowly with SB and BU steals and suited connector and Value hands calling. Definitely easier to exploit at reg tables at the moment for me.
  • BEoWulf1979


    I'm enjoying the series. Finally a guideline for the tables.