$33 Bounty Builder Review in ICMIZER 2 - Early & Middle Gameplay (1)

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $27 - $38
  • Full-ring
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Collin reviews the $33 Bounty Builder tournament played by a good MTT reg. In the first part he focuses on early & middle stages of the tournament. Learn more about the ICMIZER 2 software here.


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  • danmeneguim


    Nice bounty
  • SPINNE840


    Once again a very nice video of our content king ;)
  • Lopeu


  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks Spinne840!
  • Fabiofaneco


  • s0cru3l


    22:47 65s also prefer 3betting mainly because of the SB+BB stacks...they will jam much wider when we flat than when we 3bet
  • s0cru3l


    I still dont get one thing about PKO tourneys.
    If the start stack is 5k and its bty builder 33 (15 + 15 +3)
    I always thought that 15 goes to bty prizepool so that means its 50% of the start stack = 2500chips.
    But when you knock someone out you dont get 100% of the bounty but only 50% so to me it makes sense that the value of bounty is only 25% of starting stack = 1250chips.

    Why do you think the bounty chip value is higher than that?
  • SeppseN


    nice 1