Common Beginner Mistakes - Misjudging Hands Strength

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In this series, our coach will be explaining the top three beginner mistakes. The first one is all about misjudging hands strength. Find more here.


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  • Jigiritsu


    Hello. I saw all the video, and I a question.
    *What type of hands you are 3betting in BB vs MP raise?I saw you 3bet with JJ( Im playing zoom poker (Go fast in Winamax))
  • LemOn36


    Hey against 3bb it's usually KQs+ AJs+AK, JJ+ and then add some lighter raises like A2s-A5s, you can add 56s-78s between calling and 3betting etc.

    It might seem strange to 3bet hands like KQs and JJ but when you look at how ranges work out your opponent usually 4bets hands like KK+ always, AK QQ often as well and calls with a range you're doing pretty well against
  • clovenhoofsdoom


    At the time of like 26 Minutes when you're doing a Snowie-Example, you say that your opponents valuerange in the 3bet-Pot consists of 77, 88, 99, Flushes, straights etc. The latter are obvious, but is it really common for a succesful reg to bet/call 77+?? I mean, 77 are a most of the time only good for bluffcatching, so why would someone call a 3bet oop with them?
  • MedusasHair


    very useful
  • LemOn36


    haha don't let me get started on pocket pairs
    Basically the trends especially with the smaller ones keep changing like leaves in autumn.

    But when it comes to 88,77 oop except e.g. UTG v MP (even there) is that they are just plain high equity hands so you call with them
    but also as both ranges are narrow it actually pays to hit lower flops, and have really strong hands on them, you also protect the rest of your range that way.

    I think at microstakes you don't have to worry about folding too much or your ranges not hitting certain boards though, when It comes to 77-88 I'd simply call all 3bets as people pay you off too much on average when they hit top pair type hands, and on the other they let you get to showdown too much when they don't by doing e.g. the typical cbet give up with overcards
  • qilaman