w34z3l's Academy - Playing Made Hands Out Of Position

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Our No-Limit expert presents another very important topic which you all should master - playing made hands out of position.


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  • Mentalnik


    cool video!
  • pervbIunax


  • samxiasung


    nice video
  • o0oGoldo0o


    nice ... Thaks
  • 2phil4u


    nice, i started with theese underbets few time ago, i also go down with size with hands like AA oop with like 1/2 bet turn and 1 /3 river because its not really a valuebet because population folds this much.
    I also started to underbet turns in position without beeing a valuebet just to avoid to bluffcatch river but my coach didnt like it, maybe he didnt understood the idea, it was a databaseanaylse and propably in position it was not the best line, because he even didnt understodd my size without talinking, but of course it should be the case that you dont want to underbet A6 on KK64 with a possible FD, but i calculated that if viliain is bluffing with good frequenzies i just thouthg it is good to lose really not big, but get a free showdown.