Crush & Move-Up: NL25

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  • NL BSS
  • $20 - $25
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This is the second part of new series of our new coach asimos. He shows you that beating microstakes can be easy. In this video, he plays NL25 live session on PokerStars.


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  • dziurka87


  • Grezky99


    very good
  • swampyking


    I can only see 4 minutes of the video. How can i see the whole video?
  • Lazza61


    @5. You need to be Silver status to be able to watch the whole video.
  • swampyking


    Aha, ok.
  • xero100


    could you explain how you have over 100K hands sample on some nl25 zoom players. For example 45:15
  • asimos


    @9: probably they used to pay higher, or are old hh or combination
  • amokoma


    guter content. Stop leveling
  • Kuzqo


    Great video.

    Just a doubt:

    Min: 13:07 do you think it will be profitable calling with 88 a raise from button when you are open raising from EP? You are not so deep, you are OOP, and for sure you are in the bottom range of the villain 3bet. I don't think the opponent 3bets more than 5 or 6% against UTG, so that your hand is clearly under the villain range...
  • asimos


    #12 Hey, thanks :)

    Firstly, we are not behind vs Villain's range. Btn usually at this spot will use a polarized range rather than a linear 5-6% (if not more).
    Secondly, I think we can set mine profitably this spot... and depending on villain's plays bluff some spots... to make calling +EV play.

    Have in mind that if you have a call 3bet range from EP, you should call around 50% of your opening range. Otherwise you are open your self to 3bets.
  • Kuzqo


    Hi asimos, thanks for answering. Let's say that btn 3bets you something like 8%, then your equity is only 42% against a linear range:

    Equity Win Draw
    MP2 58.29% 57.63% 0.66% { 88+, ATs+, KTs+, QJs, AJo+ }
    MP3 41.71% 41.06% 0.66% { 8d8h }

    Moreover, in boards with high cards it will be impossible to materialize your equity, especially having in mind that you are OOP. And in boards with low cards you will have to face really difficult decisions if the villain makes you a strong agression because it will be very difficult to fold the 88 in low boards and you can be easily dominated by 99-AA. Besides you will not be able to control the pot because you are OOP.

    So, in short, the only spot good for you will be when you hit a set, but that will just happen the 12% of the time, so I have serious doubts over if that play is profitable in the long run. Obviously the equity of your hand will change depending the range you will give the villain who is 3betting in button, but I don’t assume that he is 3betting more than 8% against a range of UTG that is around 15-16% in my opinion.

    I try to defend about 40% of my range when I’m opening from UTG and I prefer to do it with suited cards, because they play quite better postflop that the middle pairs like 88. It’s just my point of view, of course, not an absolute truth because in life doesn’t exist absolute truths.

    Sorry for the awkward english, but it’s my second language and I’m still learning :)
  • asimos


    Hey Kuzqo, English is my second language too, so I am still learning :)
    1) As said, BTN uses a polarized range rather than a linear range (95% of the times).
    2) Also you should consider how your calling range plays as a whole rather each hand in particular... 3) and in those low boards you need some pp in order to defend :) 4) If you call the right frequencies post flop, assuming that your estimations of Villain's 3bet range are correct... you shouldn't have problems 5) You can always play 4bet / fold strategy if you feel uncomfortable... now you don't need to defend so big portion of your range, assuming Villain doesn't flat the 4bets a lot.
  • asimos


    * defending only 40% by calling 3bets is a mistake.. cause you fold a lot... and when you call Villain has always some equity plus position = he can 3bet vs you relatively really wide..
  • Kuzqo


    Hi Asimos,
    thanks again for taking your time to answer my questions and tell me some tips. For sure I still have a lot of misconceptions about the game, but I’m studying a lot and I hope to climb the limits and stablish myself in NL25-50 the fastest as possible. I'm learning a lot with your videos, I really like your simple approach to these limits, I think levelling and tilt are the big problems in those low limits, mistakes that I’m trying to remove from my game. I will try to put in practice your advice, especially not to fold so much preflop when receiving 3 bets and I will tell you how I’m doing it.

    By the way, your english is quite good as I could appreciate in your videos. ) Keep up the good work!!
  • asimos


    * I am happy you like the coaching :) Hope to help you with your goals.
    Regarding the defense vs 3bets, you should have in mind that you can escape in the micros having a relatively large fold vs 3bet stat... given the fact that most opponents do not 3bet a lot. Better approach is first to develop a game plan out of the tables.. and only after that start calling 3bet wider (when it is needed). Bc if you just start calling wider without the post flop skill... maybe you will see the opposite results than expected in your win rate :)
  • Kuzqo


    Yes asimos, that's the problem, if your postflop game is not at least decent it could be worse starting to call 3bets than folding. For this reason I told you that I prefer to call the 3bets with hands such QJs, JTs, T9s which will hit strong hands and it's easy to fold them postflop. I'm also calling quite more when I'm IP. For the moment I think that 55-60% fold to 3bet is right for me in the micros, when I have some more skills postflop I will be increasing my calling range. I usually call players that 3bets a lot and are weak postflop. I combine several check-raises with floating and I must say that works quite well. But of course 3bet pots is a difficult part of the game, along with the blind attack and defense. My goal is to improve a little everyday, because along the time these few improvements become a lot :)
  • naumuni


    Good video Asimos.Liked it a lot.
  • clovenhoofsdoom


    It's very impressive how rare you make a expensive mistake. I mean, I cannot see how often you miss a big pot but how rare you make wrong assumption is very impressive