Optimal lines in a $3 180 man rebuy

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $3 - $7
  • Full-ring
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Collin Moshman will review this $3 180 man rebuy, explaining optimal lines against both regulars and recreational players, as well as interpreting their bet sizes.


180 lines man Rebuy recreational reg

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video from Collin and leave your comments and questions below!
  • dubas77


    hi mosh, about the hand @27:05 , the K6o hand on the BB.

    first of all, i'm a 9men player so i could be wrong here but
    in close spots and great stack dynamic like this i tend to fold slightly +ev hands like this. we dont really crush his range with hand like K6o and the biggest benefit of letting it go is the guy on our left. he is pretty safely in 2nd place so we can shove close to anything and he has to fold a lot of hands. and we can still call the SB pretty wide later on but this looks like a great opportunity to steal a few thousand chips from from the guy on our left and set us up for a easier HU with a bigger chip lead.
  • thetrader789


    Hi Collin :) I just have one question today ... 16:30 the J8s ..when we arrived at the second bubble when around 10 or 11 payers remaining, do you initialize your HoldemResources Calculator in a ICM mode or in a chipEV mode ?
    I mean the difference is huge in between the mind concept and the approach of our aggression factor..
    PS : nice vid has usual ...
  • AAnewbie


    Hi, what do you think about 2.25x opens during the HU with <10bbs?
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Dubas77: Good question, I definitely agree that we can sometimes pass up really close spots when it's a great dynamic for us. Here though it's a KX call in Nash because of how wide he should be shoving and the odds we're getting, so I think K6 is a little too good to pass up here.

    #3 Thetrader789: It's still cEV mode, and you're right, if we could use ICM it would be more accurate. I've heard that ICMizer can do F2T ICM so I'll look into that, thanks for the suggestion and glad you enjoyed the vid :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #4 AAnewbie: At anything over 10bb, minraising tends to do better than openshoving. At 10bb or shallower, they tend to do equally well. I still like playing an exploitive game with a lot of MR/folds at around 9bb against a very tightpassive opponent, but normally just playing shove/fold under 10bb works just as well. Thanks for the question.
  • AAnewbie


    #6: Thanks for the answer, but I wanted to know your opinion about 2.25x vs minraise. Is there any difference in FE or is it a mistake?
  • CollinMoshman


    #7 AAnewbie: 2.25x is probably slightly more than you need when you're that short, but I haven't tried it and it's possible you're getting enough additional folds that it's worth it. Either way though, I think the difference in EV will be pretty small. If you do an analysis of this let me know, it's an interesting idea.
  • Sw33z


    very nice video Mister ! ;p