$100 Rebuy Final Table Revew

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  • MTT
  • $109
  • Full-ring
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Pokerguru740 finishes his review of his final table run in a recent $100R on PokerStars. Pokerguru has an incredible record in these $100R so if you want to know how to attack this tourney type, this is the video for you


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  • glissario


    Interesting Spot in 20:30, especially on the turn. Does the shove makes any sense? Do you think he would fold Kx with an SPR<1 (Regs in general/tollgate :D) so ists a bluffspot with equity? Or is he folding a worse flushdraw with equity? I think I would check/call with our spiked SD value; I am not expecting folding him Kx, with a shove I will run into his to range anyway and I let him the possibility for spazzing (bluff vs our obv draw). nd we dont have to fear a free River.
  • pokerguru740


    Hi Glisarrio,

    I think c/c the turn could be pretty cool, generally in these type of spots I would shove 100% of my c/r range on turn(besides bluffs) so 78/fd's/sets/2pairs. I'm not entirely sure if he would fold a king ,but knowing how he plays he probably floated me with 2nd pair or something similar, which is a hand i can def get to fold by shoving instead of getting to showdown.
  • boarrder



    in 3:50 with AJ do you have any 3bet/fold range agains short?
  • pokerguru740


    Not against a 13bb open, I would just be getting too good of odds to ever fold against even a tighter range.
  • regie


    at 12:09 his call with KK was right? because he only beats a hand like u showed up with.
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Thank you for the video. Some spots I didn"t like though. 12:33 the A9 I don't think you are repping much or that there are many 6x hands in your range, and imo shoving here with one overcard and nfd on turn leaves you with at best 25% equity when called which means for this shove you would require villain to fold at least 38% of the time to break even which is unrealistic imo. Do like the overbet + analysis around 15:00. Don"t like the QJ bet + analysis around 22:33 with you having "too much equity" here this shallow spr is still 1,3 which requires 36% break even equity which you don't have on average against his check raising range here which is mostly tptk+ and against kx+ aa or sets two pair tptk you would only have 31,6% at best and as a default I wouldn't presume his c/r range to be full of bluffs here or weakish. Fold equity is also pretty much 0 imo. Last question about the video at the end when you discuss K5off, why do you say it is strong enough to push here even though a strong reg here opened for 2x UTG and do you think he would fold a lot vs your push here and don't you think his range crushes you here vs 55+ you are already crushed. I thank you for answering in advance.