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  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $5 - $7
  • Heads-up
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In questo video il coach nosse gioca una live session ai Sit and Go Head's Up da €5 sulla Poker Room partner

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Commenti (12)

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  • elforic


    Ecco nosse su, buona visione!
  • karitao


    bel video coach :)
  • karitao


    bel video coach :)
    peccato per il finale...
  • cryss46


    bel finale invece , giocherò sempre hu alle 20 cc , e + ev lol
  • tosco1992


    come mai apri sempre x 2?
  • nosse


    per far callare di piu oppo OOP e quindi giocare piu pot in posizione. In piu cosi posso potcontrollare e aprire un range piu ampio!
  • TheJesusOfSuburbia


    sorry for posting in english, but i'm not italian, i'm just want to learn more and more

    but for a coach, do u have some leaks, don't think? for example, in BTN, u fold Q2o and open 58o, lol? why did this?

    you are'nt opening the top of you range.
  • nosse


    I do think I have leaks;if you find someone who hasen't got them please let me know, I have many questions to ask him.
    For what concerns your point, different stiles can be applied facing different opponents, and even in the same SNG two same hands can be played in different ways both preflop and postflop, due to history and metagame. Absolutism is not a winning strategy in HU.
  • nosse


    to be even more specific I was opening 100% when I had Q2off. I did not want him to think I opened the whole range, in order not to make him forcing 3bets and to balance a bit. When I then see that his 3bet sizes are just click tribets (completely giving me the info of facing a fish) I start widening back my range in order to include even 58o.


    come setti l hud x gli hu coach...
  • t1gr0tt0


    #10 ciao SHARKJKD

    trovi tutte le info e l'hud in formato scaricabile che preferisci, tutte qui: ;)
  • antoniopokerstrategy


    buon video,complimenti a nosse