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Leatherass takes to his Hold 'em Manager firstly, to give us some insight into his own statistics. Continuing on to the re-player, Dusty identifies situations and scenarios where potential profit, or avoided loss, are known to be overlooked.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the production from Leatherass9, feedback & comments are welcomed as always!
  • Hansshi


    nice. produziert leatherass noch?
  • RPerfumo


    AQo on the check/shove hand, 9:00, do you really think that sets are folding by the river? No way. You don't have a lot of backdoors in your range, the obvious draw in the flop busts... a competent opponent is calling here all day long IMO.
  • Leatherass9


    @#3 I think the exact opposite as what you are saying. I think the more competent they are the more often they will fold. When they realize all they can beat is me turning a hand into a bluff (since no way am I just check calling a naked FD or 78 type of hand) the more likely they are to make a big fold.
  • stylus20


    well, you rep like 2 kombos AQdd, QJdd. but i doubt you call QJs 100% of the time if the bb isn't a huge fish in that spot, so i highly doubt anyone (on pokerstars highstakes) will b/f sets or KQ in that spot on the river.
  • Tim64


    Thanks Leatherass, nice to see a failed bluff in there, for balance.


    hey leatherass, how do you balance the frequencies of that sick moves?
  • Shevtshenko


    yea, i don't like the AQ either. It's so easy for villain to put you on a bunch of pairs turned into a bluff. Basically 77-JJ are very viable for you to play this way, you rly don't rep much of anything. Errr, i rly think this was a pretty sizable mistake.
  • Poemmel


    great video, thanks :)
  • Shevtshenko


    Could you expand a little on the 87s hand around 31:00?

    Given that you said he'll jam the turn with all the hands he wants to get all the money in, what do you perceive his range to be when he bet/calls? Draws and Jx?
  • WyattM


    Great video, indeed, thanks !
  • ValentjNN


    About 87s hand, i don´t understand whats the plan if he shoves the turn ?? are u raise calling that spot ?? raise/ folding ?? what range do u percive of him in river ?? Your size is not too good to force him to make ac big fold of Jx for example, isnt it ?
  • ichputzhiernur


    i guess his plan is to raise/fold. were 5handed (i dont know about the merge players level) but in general --> ppl tend to play more aggressively. usually if we perceive him to fold or call Jx, QQ etc. were pretty crushed by his shoving range. (sets, KJ, pair +fd, combodraws) worst hand he can have in that case would be sth like 56s...