Weekly Freebie: 13 Interesting bluff situations - By Leatherass9

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Leatherass9 reviews 13 hands in which he tries to bluff his opponents off their hands. Some spots can be explained within a few seconds where in others, he needs to go into fine detail to explain why his bluff makes sense.


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  • Nivlem


    Enjoy this week's Weekly Freebie by Dusty 'Leatherass9' Schmidt. If you have any questions or comments, please post them below in the comment section!
  • smokinnurse


    unfortunately it's much too quiet
  • Nivlem


    Hey smokinnurse, thanks for the comment.

    I have to agree that it's not very loud. The video is being re-rendered with a louder audio, I'll replace the current version with the new one, as soon as it is done.

  • Nivlem


    Sound should be fixed now. Enjoy the video!
  • jimmertron


    you sure got sum big 'cajones' dusty!!
  • barbeysize


    so here's the point of this video, long story short: call any flop and any turn with any two cards because with your draws you can hit something, with your sd-hands you can be ahead in case your opponent gives it up at some point and with your nuts you can always get couple of bluff barrels from vilain. in any case shove any river - you can always force better hand to fold and sometimes even worse hands to wtf-call.

    easy game :)
  • yomatiyo


    this is sick xD

    one of the best video producer of pstrategy!
  • IPoker4k1I


    Great vid! Little bit problems w/ audio but turning every possible tab to 100% made it possible to watch this one.

    In 88 hand, would you turn TT into a bluff as well, or do you find it good enough to just call / is the blocker factor with 88 something that has to be considered when making a decision whether to shove or not?
  • jimmybass


    To be fair, he does explain that these aren't cases of repetitively abusing other players. These are basically atypical hands and if you try to do this all the time (as plenty of players do)it's going to be exploitable. That 67o hand does take the biscuit though.
  • smokinnurse


    thx to melvin
    much better now
  • CapStainless


    very nice vid! :)
  • super1


    thx. more Videos please....
  • MathhNes


    Very good video, thank you very much pokerstrategy and leatherass
    i learned a lot
  • dckdn


    Thought this play was reserved for Scandinavian or Russian player only. Vodka-belt play. Very god. LOL
  • Angelcards


    nice vid as usual, Dusty
  • Heffron89


    Very very nice video, more please :)
  • XandreW36


    very, very good..
  • XandreW36


    You really make my job fun
  • lokismile


    good video
  • Tim64


    Great vid; as mentioned, really looking forward to seeing some failed bluffs in future just so as to dispell the aura of invincibility you are fast creating :)
  • Leatherass9


    @ post #9, I think TT gets closer there for sure, but given I was in the frame of mind that I felt beat by a bigger overpair and that he would likely fold them to a river shove, I suppose I wouldn't take any chances of calling with worse and just ship it.
  • Leatherass9


    @ post #7, It's kinda true in a way haha. Not that you want to do it that often, but it's hard on a lot of board textures for jamming the river to ever be super unprofitable. You are going to get folds a lot and sometimes by some pretty big hands.
  • nosnbaer22


    sent u an email about coaching to Leatherasscoaching@gmail.com.

    hope u will read it this time :)
  • yomatiyo


    I will LOVE to see a video or serie about FRECUENCIES!!! and whit that frecuencies we can do anything in the tables...

    bluff, values, semibluffs, changin our plan in several hands, etc etc...

    I think that is the key...
  • dckdn


    Very good!
  • megalomaniac323


    ##### 26
    I'd rly like to know with which holdings you decide to bluff (example: every JhTc or something similiar) in order to be a little balanced...
  • kochpat


    Very good video!
  • w34z3l


    lol did he say his name was Dustin?

    watching now....
  • LooserSR


    57:00 what ?? somebody is not opening 22-66 early position 6max or even MP as in this hand ?? i find really hard to believe that, maybe with 5 hyper agro players behind which is pretty rare.
    54:00 im pretty sure this guy is NEVER folding QQ-AA against the river shove, he was for sure on pure air triple barrel as in last hand.

    anyway, overall great vid, i liked that a lot, more of these pls
  • pleno1


    @2.00 it would be alot better to have actual HUD stats on all of the hands if possible? :)

    @3.00 I think shoving here is really bad. Ofc you can just mix in the occasional value hand but I think this is more of a desperate adjustment rather than just doing a standard adjustment such as tightening your range pre or 4b/calling lighter both for value/future dynamics. If you're not mixing the top of your range then your opponent is going to be able to play v.easily vs you.

    @3.45 I don't think your price is brilliant. Also dont think think that your post flop plan is great as it is HU and you're oop and players are generally not going to give you too much credit on many boards. You mentioned donking 789 kind of boards which seems about the only good thing you could do as your c/r aren't going to receive any credit because of positions/dynamic and you're going to either find yourself in very tricky post flop spots or you're going to get played back at on the flop a huge amount

    @4.30 I think usually he will flat kq/jq pre flop rather than 3bet.
    @4.45 Really don't like your c/raise, 100% disagree with you here, players at 1knl will do things about it and can hand read. Especially heads up.

    @7:14, you think he will flat aj but 3bet kq? I think he will generally play KQ identical to AJ/AQ kind of hands, although I agree in generally he will probably not 3bet any of these

    9.25 - Love river sizing, although I think he can sometimes here a King more than if we go for 470 or something and make it look like a flopped set/river straight that we thought we lost value on. I like the line in general though.
  • pleno1


    @10.45, which turn cards would you not raise? What do you think you are repping on the turn with your raise?I think raising the Ace is a really bad move, although would raise any card 10 and under. I don't think you have near enough value combos on the turn here. I think in general this line will have a positive impact on our red line on different turn cards where we can rep wider but a negative effect on our red line when repping too thin. Also think pre flop is close and vs an opponent who likes to raise and barrell alot I prefer to fold j10o and choose better hands such as 79s etc to play in position with. Vs cut off then I would flat j10.

    14:00 Think flop is a spot where we should be betting 100% and where players will generally c/f alot of the time. When they call the flop they will generally fold the turn aswell.

    15.00 I think turn raise is really bad, I think you would bet the flop here with 100% of the hands that you would raise the turn for value with.

    17:30 you said jqss will provide alot of semi bluff spots, can you say 3+ examples of where you think you will turn jqss into a semi bluff?
  • Letsdothisish


    Vid was removed on Youtube
  • RYCK9966


    only bad thing is when your opponent mixes in slow playing into his strategy.
  • Qwertz321


    again much to quiet
  • Qwertz321


    again sound is much to low volume