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Another awesome production from leatherass where our Black Member & coach "mbml" has given some hands for the purposes of review by Leatherass.


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  • EuanM


    A new Video from Leatherass where the PokerStrategy.com coach "mbml" has given his hands for review!

    We hope you enjoy the Video and leave your feedback & comments for the coaches.
  • mbml


    cool it's finally out :)
  • mbml


    2) we are 120 bb deep on Q935 board. do you think we have that much value raise/calling on the turn?
  • mbml


    3) QQ 3bet and c/c T and R on KT4r25
    I agree that villain is weighted towards value with his line.

    I'm curious whether I should c/f or c/c the turn after cbetting the Flop, since I block AQ and QJ which is a good part of his floating range. So he's left with
    AJs 4 combos
    AQ 8 combos
    QJs 2 combos

    I also block KQ though, so he only has
    KQ 6 combos
    KJs 3 combos
  • mbml


    4) JTs vs 56s on J764r
    I think I opted to check the Turn because it was rainbow so I can't rep so many draws (which makes me not want to valuebet so thinly). I would probably bet if the 4 was a diamond/club/spade

    75s/65s/54s (9 combos)
    I herocalled the river because I know he's a TAG and he could have T9o/89o but he doesn't have 75o/65o type of hands.

    Though your comments about overbetting being more likely for value is true esp vs a TAG like him
  • greyboy


    Great video!

    My view on the river at min. 24:
    Board: 9Q3 5 T

    We want to ship turn anyway and villain is not commited enough to call his draws.
    When all draws miss except KJo,KJs and TT does not make sense, why don't we even call the overshove?
    We would have got it in against his turn range, which would be stronger than his river overshove range, assuming he does it also with bluffs.

    problem again here is that the way we played the hand, we are rarely very strong.
    Except QTs maybe. 99,33 ...

    given our weak perceived range and AQ is the top of our strong range, I tend to find the call more reasonable in this spot. I'm interested to hear more arguments of course :)
  • greyboy


    Edit: I did not say I like ship turn.
    I just say if somebody suggests to ship turn, than he has to snap the river no matter what size.
    Or am I missing something?
  • mbml


    5) AQ on A96s3J
    I don't have a huge sample nor any reads on him. 23/21/6.6 over 200 hands

    Now that I check his stats he seems tight from BB, I chose to call Flop because he has raise Flop stat of 3 out of 6 times which was probably why I flatted. I just wasn't sure whether he was the type to 2 or 3barrel draws
  • mbml


    6) JTs vs KK vs tuff_shark
    Tough shark is really aggro, 28/23/14
    His vs MP 3bet stat is 6% though, and I think he was getting out of line a little so I chose to defend.

    I agree that my raise was terrible, and I just chose to give up since i realized he had an overpair at this point
  • Robmaster555


    Nice video.

    min. 47 JTs vs KK

    I think it all depends on the 3-bet range and how many AQ/AJ he has in his range.

    If he only 3-bets 3-4% against mp we have to play the hand fit or fold and just call on the flop like you explain it prefectly.

    If we think his range is weighter i would prefer the raise because i want to raise 77,88 any FD, any set on this board to fold out his equity of ATs/AJ/AQ and so on.

    In general i like the thinking to scoop more pots on the river on boards which get ugly for both players.
  • yomatiyo


    How can this be gold? I would love to see diamond new content then =P

    Really nice video, like allways man, u are probably one of the best video producer of all pstrategy.
  • Leatherass9


    #3 yes I do think we have enough value to raise and get it in here. I think that it is very unlikely that we don't have the best hand here and I think that our opponent here is going to be firing again with lots of draws given the board texture. Again, we also have to pay off a lot against better hands so I think it is best to try and extract value from the rest of his range which is worse hands or drawing hands. A lot depends of course on your opponents perception of you. For example I will be floating lots of hands that have two back door draws here that when I pick up equity I will raise the turn. So I want to balance this with good and monster hands (like sets) so that it makes it very difficult for my opponent to simply just go with marginal hands (like qj(. He doesn't know if I have a good make hand, a draw or a monster. Maybe if you have not built up much of a dynamic, calling is better, but if you are messing with your opponent to some degree, then I think raise/getting it in is best.
  • Leatherass9


    #4, I think check folding the turn is best here after c betting the flop. Yes, you do block a lot of the floats and I think your opponent will be happy to showdown a hand like JT or JJ here so I think one bet for value/information makes sense and make those the last chips you put in the middle.
  • Leatherass9


    #5, I think that your opponent here will still call with lots of worse hands so I really still like betting for value. You are going to have to check call the turn anyway, so you may as well put the money in yourself if your opponent happens to have a better hand.
  • Leatherass9


    #11 thanks!!!!
  • Angelcards


    #11 aggree
  • Tim64


    Also enjoyed this video, esp. your thoughts about winning sizeable pots on river with 0 equity being where serious money is made (JTs vs KK hand). My one dislike was those hands where villain's holecards were shown. I think it's fine to show at the end of the hand so villain's play can be evaluated too, but I find it a little distracting and it makes it harder to discuss villain's 'range' when the actual hand is in evidence. Pretty minor point in an otherwise excellent production.
  • Leatherass9


    I will keep that in mind Tim!
  • ocinb0y


    I really don't understand why he receives so much praise for this vid.

    Imo he forgets to mention some pretty important things, for example the first hand he didn't mention that ch-back on flop could be an option. It can definitely be an option, cuz it's pretty obv villain either has completely air or anything that pot-controls (weak AXs, Jx QQ-KK as he mentioned) there is also a slight chance that he would slowplay better or obv c/r flop, which is usually not a great situation for us. And because of the fact that we won't fire 3 streets for value or bluffs very often (we need to have a great idea of villains ranges and tendencies for that to be good) and really don't need to protect our hand on flop I think it's fine to ch-back and go for bet-bet(ck). Bet flop is obv perfectly fine too but I just thought it was worth discussing ch-back, it also depends on villain, history etc

    The other hand where the guy had AQ on Q935tt, he said he prefered to raise turn, but I really don't like it as a standard. Imo it can never be great to raise for thin value against an polarized range, unless you're a pretty sure about he's strongly weighted towards semibluffs/air _AND_ it very often would induce shove from those draws (He is obv. polarized cuz of his 4/5 turnbet, would very rarely VB worse than AQ)
    So, the guy has about 20 combos of better hands (QQ, 33, 88, 55, Q9s, KK-AA) where we probably can remove some combos cuz he would sometimes slowplay them on flop/turn whatever, lets say 17 combos then. Against his valuehands we're obv crushed with 4.5% eq (don't think we need to count in AQ, cause it's a split anyway)
    Let say the guy have around 17 combo of draws shoving vs our turn raise (FD's, combodraws and some random naked OESD) which first of all is an EXTREMLY high amount, we still only have 39% equity against that range. If we're more realistic we are obv quite crushed

    There are obv. certain spots with certain history(reads), where a raise on turn can be a decent play, but as a standard and especially against a very large turn-cbet, it's imo pretty spewy to raise-get-it-in here - u gotta have a good reason to do it

    Had to quit the video after that hand, can't say if the other analysis were fine


    I do apreciate the open-mindedness of leatherass.
  • cozacu


    @ Leatherass9 thx for the great video.
    I like to watch videos like this(higher limits) every now and then because i think it can help me think outside of the box in a way :). Do you think that stuff that i learn here i could apply at NL10 microlimits? Or that`s going to be just pointless? I pick my "turn hand into a bluff" situations very carefully and quite rarely as well, only when villain is a reg that is thinking about my hand. Bottom line, i have a question : could i make more profit by turning my hand into a bluff more often on river to take some big pots at NL10? D: