Pot Control in MTTs

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JonathanLittle explores the concept of Pot control and it's importance, in a replayer hand review which consists of a collection of hands where pot control has been encouraged.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy as JonathanLittle takes you through some spots involving pot control!

    Please leave any questions or feedback about the video below.
  • murschi


  • bashpepe89


    very nice, rly enlightening
  • zaboo


    First hand, I would fold here... imho we are oop and we lose so much by calling pre (we hit flop 36% of time), and most of reasonable players wont 3bet/fold here so we play vs JJ+, AK with AK oop... and it's so strong cause vs UTG

    Generally I heard that one should avoid calling 3bet oop
  • BetPotBot


    Hi Jonathan, thx for the vid, I really enjoyed watching it!
    Min 20: Do you think it`s that unimportant to play balanced in these kinda spots, because i mean by checking back such a floptexture you basically saying I got 7x or 8s-Qs, cause I would image that you cbet air on this flop a 100% of the time!?
    So I think villian can play perfectly against your check-behind-range and also your cbet-range is way too air-heavy if you just gonna bet Kx/As/sets for value.
    I have to admit that I m mainly a cg player but I try to improve my MTT game, so I would like to hear your respondence on that and if I m completely off there... :) Which might be the case...
    Anyways I m pleased watching your vids!
  • BetPotBot


    I got another question...sorry! :)
    Again this one might look obvious to MTT players but I really dont see the point! :)
    Min 37: First of i`ll try to break down a standard calling-range of the opponent on the flop: KQ/QJs/QTs/T9s/T8s/J9s/JTs/89s/all sorts of flushdraws/maybe a slowplayed set(8s/9s/Qs)/Ks/Js/Ts/some floats (like KJs/KT/AT...) and i really wonder why c/c should be the best line against this flop-calling-range? And not value-/protectionbet the turn and then if you wont to pot control in these situations c/c a river blank!
    Again I m not a MTT specialist so pls feel free to correct my stupid thought process! :)
  • sandercvo


    Min 31: Why don`t you bet the turn with 66? If he has a flush draw or high cards he get`s a free card on the river. Also you can get value on 55 and maybe A4. If he check-raise you can easily fold. He probably doesn`t bluf on the river, because a 10 or better can be easily in your range. So you don`t have a hard time to play the river.
  • VardaiFerenc


    thank you
  • ghaleon


    29:00 A7s hand. I would also like smaller bet as villain range is on weak side, but still I don't agree he could not have ace. He might want to pot control with some aces.
  • JonathanLittle


    zaboo, AK is really good and usually shouldnt be folded vs a 3bet.

    PotBot, 21 min: Being unbalanced is perfectly fine as long as people arent going to exploit it, which I dont think most people do. A lot of players will mindlessly barrel the turn and the river, which is good for me as long as I dont plan on folding.

    37 min: In spots like these, you really dont want to get pushed on if you bet the turn. Most decent players know to put on pressuer with decent draws on the turn over a 2 barrel, which makes a bet call and a bet fold both decent plays. The problem is you dont really want to get your whole stack in when you could easily be crushed. The goal in these spots is to get out with some chips left if you are wrong, not maxamize value or charge you opponent to hit their draw.

    Sander, If we bet the turn, the only hands we get value from are draws, 55, and 4x. If most of his range were these hands, that would be fine. I think most of his range is Ax type hands, which I want him to overvalue on the river. He will almost certainly pay us off on the river if the turn checks through whereas if we bet, he will probably just fold, which is bad because he is probably drawing to only 6 outs.

    ghaleon, I suppose he could have an A some percentage of the time but most standard opponents just take a bet bet bet line with an A, which generally lets me discount those hands even though that line probably isnt the best.
  • sCorpYHH


    nice work