Basics of PLO MTTs - Part 4 : The Final Table

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  • PLO
  • Full-ring
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In his new series Scott Clements will guide you through everything you need to know about basic PLO Tournament Strategy. The Fourth part will explore the final table part of the PLO tournament


Basics of PLO MTTs Session Review Theory Video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the fourth part of the new series from ScottClements!

    Please leave any questions or feedback you may have for Collin.
  • OrcaAoc


    At the beginning of the Video somewhere around 9:00 you have Aces and get called in the Big Blind. The flop is AKJ with two hearts and you decide to check back.

    My thoughts on this is that against a good player he will be aware that you have somekind of a hand because if you had nothing you would bet, thus from a good player you wont get much action no matter how you play unless he has a strong hand.

    Against a bad player you will get calls from hands like KJxx or weak draws if you bet so I dont see much reason to check against such a player either.

    Furthermore observant opponents will notice that you check good hands back on that flop and you wont get much credit if you bet with your bluffs, I mean thats probally not that important because in tournaments many players are just so bad that balancing your game isnt as important but its still another drawback of checking back for me.

    And last but not least you give a free card to a draw or even worse might ruin the action for yourself if he has Jacks or AK and a heart hits on the turn.
  • PaulDias


    Great Vid :)
  • smokinnurse


    lol luckbox^^
    anyways - interesting stuff
    but i'm not sure what to think about your play
  • ScottClements


    The opponent at 9 mins in was not going to go bust with anything less than Q10. he wouldnt put all his money in with AK or KJ, or even JJ.

    I dont continuation bet every flop either, so I dont mind checking back a wide range of hands. I guess that would be balancing my checkback range.

    In this hand he probably had 10 high or something of the sort, but he took a stab at the pot because he thought I had nothing.

    The value I lose by giving him a free draw is better than raising turn, and then having to call off every time he has Q10.
  • SniffvsSnaf


    Great series - very nice work... Looking very much forward to your next series :-)
  • sauliskestas


    Good vid, but "put the pressure on" should be repeated not so constantly :)