Achieving the Top End Of Your Range - Part 2

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The second part of "Achieving the Top End of your Range" continues with more fantastic tips from leatherass


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy part two of the fantastic new video series from Leatherass!

    Please leave your questions for Dusty.
  • Leatherass9


    No questions? Is this a good thing meaning I explained things well, or a bad thing because interest was low? Any feedback on this would be great. Thanks everyone!
  • fuerstIN


    Thanks a lot for this Video!!
    and also for the first one of this series ( However I could not finish it bynow but I think that there shouldn't be no comment to that Video since I think there is a lot of really good stuff in there!!!
    I also think that having a back up plan is not really helpful. But you should still have sth to fall back on ( like studies or anything )that in case you fail, there is sth that you know that you can somehow earn some money with.
    thats what your saying, right? however in your opinion having a perfectly worked out plan B is not helpful, it's just making you more inclined to not work hard enough. Did I get that right or did I missunderstand you?

    Also thanks a lot for your routine that was sth I was looking for quite a while!

    I have to admit I did not watch all of your other Videos since I'm a FL Player but I would really liked this Video a lotand I would love to see some more "general" Videos like this in case you have some more thoughts!
    Would be great :)

    Good Luck with gecoming a gold pro :)
  • Volrath89


    we are still drunk :P

    about recording our own game, how often do you do it, and how long do you think the videos should be?
  • Volrath89


    min 39:00 lol, don´t you eat?
  • jmackenzie


    these 2 videos have been of great help to me personally.

    I think though that the best audience to watch it has been cut off as its only been allowed to be viewed by the highest rakers on this site.

    I'd like to know also, during your work schedule at your office do you have a lunch break or eat while playing? And if you do have a lunch break do you put anything on.. music etc. or look over hands? check social media etc.etc. literally post w.e. it is you do because i end up taking huge breaks for eating and would like some advice how to get back on it after breaks..
  • stylus20


    really great videoseries! looking forward to further videos.
  • Leatherass9


    I actually don't break to eat while I am playing. If my wife is around, she will make me something easy to eat while playing and if she isn't around, then I bring to work a platter of fruits, turkey slices, nuts etc that I snack on throughout my session. I may be about 20 pounds overweight so it may not seem like I eat super healthy, but I actually do. Me being over my ideal weight is mostly related to a combination of heart issues and lack of exercise. I never really lose much weight through dieting, but the weight melts off when I play lots of golf which I'm about to do.
  • Leatherass9


    Yes you should definitely have some sort of fall back plan, but dont ever cheat yourself and take comfort in your fall back plan. You should work on your dreams and goals as if your fallback plan doesn't exist. Like Eminen said, "Success is my only motherfucking option, failure's not."
  • funkphenomena


    it's remarkable that you admit having leaks yourself. most video-producers just call everyone else fishes and weak regs. keep up the good work!


    i'd really like to see you coaching a smallstakes player and make a video of it!
  • Fox128


    @#2 leatherass: :(

    Honestly, I watched the vid right when it launched and after watching half of it, I already wanted to post how seriously great this is!
    However my firefox was buggy (due to my router I think) and all 3 of my attempts failed, my post didn't show up whatsoever (and I thought that eventually it's a bug and I already made a triple post and they'll show up after a while, lol).. so I gave up. :(
    There was no plan B! ^^

    But I just learned something about investments, I think I should invest into a new internet router ;)

    Oh and ofc: YOUR VIDS ARE ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Keep it up! <3
  • Fox128


  • fuerstIN


    thanks for the fast answer :)
  • falconUA


    It is really inspiring!!! This two vids are the best on PS, for sure.
  • LooserSR


    again great vid :)
  • Devinco


    Very good video with great content, not just for poker, but for the whole life. Looking foreword to watch more vidoes from you.

    Joe Smith

  • EverSteel


    Hey Dusty,

    where is the time for some sports in your calendar? We're leading a sedentary lifestyle, shouldnt it be included?

    ty, great vid
  • MagnumLemon


    min16: AKo vs. 33;
    Why do you think it's such a "huge" mistake? In my opinion your 3 barrel line has a slightly higher EV than your flop checkbehind while you're accepting a pretty high variance. So it's rather a little mistake and if you prefer to avoid troubles it's even the better decision imo.
  • MagnumLemon


    Another question: It seems, you play kind of 6 hour sessions. I can't think of many days where I managed to play more than 4 hours I had break in between because I eventually lost concentration. Can you propose any methods to train your mental endurance?

    Btw, thanks for the this great content!
  • PeterSchneider


    I think it's a great video and I've enyojed it, but I think it's sometimes "a bit over the top".

    I think there are people in the world, that do not have a too good self-assesment/reflection on their own, so that those could destroy things with theit "overmotivation" (disregrad social life, quit high school/college). With a bad longterm thinking + without being able to stay realistic it could end in a desaster for them. that's my own worry about the video.

    But all in all, I think it could be really inspiring, if you're just able to filter all these information well.


    awesome stuff
  • Rulo180


    Another great video!
    thanks for your work and keep making!!
  • pinhero


    EPIC :D