NL100 MSS with AptiVova

  • NL MSS
  • NL MSS
  • $100
  • Full-ring
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In this video Russian coach AptiVova presents some live MSS action on Fulltilt. He will show you how to gain the maximum value from fairly soft tables.


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • KoJIeHbKa


    а для наших это видео уже было?
  • Ratatuj


    It's PokerStars )
  • RaisyDaisyyy


    im not playing mss. but why are you 3betting this high (9/10bb)?
    im usually confronted with 8bb 3bets from mss-guys ip; which makes it much harder for me to 4bet, cuz i cant bluff4bet you guys, can i?!

    and why are you willing to cc QJ so much?^^ kinda bad imo

    besides: translators voice is really comfortable ;)
  • Jan217


    really great vid, makes me want to start playing some mss! The AQ hand really opened my eyes, normally Id always 3rd barrel there and lose value.

    @ 88 hand, dont you think that

    a) he can make that kind of donk minbet because he wants to see a river cheaply (ie AQ with a club)and

    b) you have odds (pot + implied) to call for fullhouse value on the river?

    cheers :)

    Also could you please tell me where you got that skin? looks really space efficient and free from distraction.
  • flushtrain


    nh so what you wanna do else
  • smokinnurse


    how can you profit. call for setvalue with these stacksizes?
    esp. in earlier positions?
  • tMHs


    agree with #8
    a BSS´ler obviously mad a MSS video
  • Kruppe


    wow, so it looks like MSSers DON'T HAND-READ :D good to know
  • TrogonRufus


    How do you configure Table Ninja to show the 40 BB on the tables, WITHOUT the BB letters? I setup OSD(beta) but it shows -40 BB- and not only -40-.
  • Rebhino


    Fulltilt???? This looks like Stars =)
  • Ratatuj



    I guess this is not TN but HM shows the stack. You can find the needed stat in Misc - Big Blinds )


    No he's an MSS player.

    yes, it's Stars.
  • tMHs


    why do you 3Bet so big? i mean you would have to 3bet an equal size with bluffs. seems expensive..
  • noisecore


    I find the video quality a bit too low