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A very simple and basic game concept is: The stronger the hand, the bigger the pot you want to play for. Your desire to extract as much value as possible when you have a monster should be clear. Often you will have hands which have showdown value but that you don’t want to play for a huge pot. What you do want to do with such hands is one thing – see a cheap showdown. Adjusting the pot size to the strength of your hand is called pot control. When pot control is important and how you can apply this concept to your game will be shown to you in this video.


pot control Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • opal99


    11:55 -> "1. Would your opponent check if you bet?"

    that doesnt make much sense^^
  • LGrant


    My apologies for this mistake , of course you are correct, your opponent wouldn't check if you bet.
  • Niickyy


    Sorry about this. Of course this should read "Would your opponent bet if you check?"
  • Dublimax


    OOP with AQo she says C/C and then river (07:06) chose between betting or C/Calling again. So basically she never folds here or she omitted to say it?
  • Huckebein


    @5: Why should you fold here? You have top pair and the nut flushdraw. Even against a flush you have some Implied odds and your opponent doesn't have the nuts here all the time. Easy call on turn (for pot control) and on the river you can catch some bluffs or weaker hands.

    Against certain opponents you could think about folding, but most of the time you should donk or check/call the river.