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Richieste di documenti

    • Kevorkian87
      Presente da: 11-17-2009 Contributi: 5.254
      Dear Giuseppe,

      We thank you for choosing Moneybookers as your online payment processor.

      Please read this email carefully as it contains instructions on how to become a fully verified customer.

      Your account with Moneybookers has been temporarily restricted until we have confirmed your identity and personal details.
      Moneybookers, as an FSA (Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom) regulated non-banking financial institution, is obligated to collect personally identifiable information. Any information you provide us with will only be disclosed in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998. Moneybookers protects your account information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. We will only use your personal information to service your account and to improve our services to you.
      In order to become a fully verified customer and have your Moneybookers account unrestricted, we hereby kindly ask you to send us a copy of the following documentation and information:

      1) A full colour copy of a valid, official identification document; such as your international passport (double page), national identity card or drivers licence (front and back), a copy is required to verify your identity.
      2) A copy of a paper utility bill (Gas Bill/Electricity Bill) or bank statement issued in the last three months clearly displaying your name and address that has been received at the registered postal address detailed on your Moneybookers account, this is required to verify your address.

      Please make sure all four corners of the above requested documents are clearly visible and that the documents have not been altered in any form or way. Electronically issued documents and Mobile phone bills will not be accepted.

      In order to submit the above requested documents, please login to your Moneybookers account and follow the below steps:

      Contact > Support Centre > Account/Security > ‘You have requested information and/or documents from me’

      Please remember to provide the "Ticket ID" stated in the subject of this email, in your response.

      Alternatively, you can send the requested documents and explanation via scanned e-mail to or via postal mail to:

      Moneybookers Ltd.
      Welken House
      10-11 Charterhouse Square
      EC1M 6EH
      United Kingdom

      Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. Once the documents mentioned above have been received, the verification of your account may take up to two business days, you will receive confirmation that your account is fully verified. Please be advised that we are legally obliged to freeze your account if it is left unverified.

      We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

      Kind regards,

      Moneybookers Security

      E' arrivata anche a voi??? Il problema che non ho bollette a mio nome come si fa?
  • 1 risposta
    • Stockky
      Presente da: 10-07-2008 Contributi: 9.921
      Ciao Kevorkian, mi è arrivata uguale.
      La sera ho mandato copia fronte/retro a colori della carta e bolletta,
      la mattina dopo alla 10,00 mi hanno sbloccato il conto.

      Se non hai bollette a tuo nome va bene un estratto conto bancario/postale/carta di credito, suppongo possa andar bene anche una lettera contabile, ma non ne sono certo.

      Se non hai nessuno di questi puoi provare a chiedere al loro support cosa mandare.