E' uscita la Pre-Release 1.11.07 di HM

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      Presente da: 06-23-2010 Contributi: 1.205
      Qui c'è il link del forum ufficiale di HM: http://forums.holdemmanager.com/releases/82571-1-11-07-pre-release.html
      dove si può leggere:

      New Report Stats are now HUD stats. (Re-importing of hands is required to use new HUD Stats)
      Fixed DB timeout issue when updating DB to new structure
      Fixed Boss Media import errors and HUD not showing
      Fixed Boss Media unhandled exception when replaying hands in replayer
      Fixed Stars 50/50 turbos showing up as normal SNG's
      Fixed Hyper turbo 9Max structure being wrong
      Fixed Microgaming SNG's merging serveral SNG's as one entry
      Fixed Everleaf Seating Preference. Added 4 Max and 8 Max
      Fixed Entraction 5 card games being imported as 4 card games
      Fixed Poker Stars hands not replaying
      Fixed Hyper Turbo payment structure being wrong
      Fixed Cbets in and out of position (HUD)
      Fixed Cake Turbo wrong payouts
      Added support for Partouche.fr
      Fixed Stars incorrect winnings in $5 hyper turbos
      Fixed Stars incorrect winnings in 9 man hyper turbos
      Fixed Stars Mixed Event (NL/PLO) tourneys not importing
      Fixed Merge wrong buyin/rake on Dragonfly & Rattlesnake rooms
      Fixed Ongame $320 HU SNG turbo wrong rake/winnings
      Fixed Party Poker $6 DON wrong rake/winnings
      Fixed Stars $15 & $7 45 man SNGs
      Fixed Party Poker $6 HU SNG rake
      Fixed Party Poker.it winnings/buyin/rake for .5 Eur SNG

      e questo è il link da cui scaricare il file: http://www.holdemmanager.com/Downloads/Hm_1.11.07-Internal.exe

      Per chi non le conoscesse, queste sono le nuove stats utilizzabili nell'HUD:

      New Report Stats:
      BB Raise when SB completed
      Fold to Flop Check Raise
      Fold to Turn Check Raise
      Fold to River Check Raise
      Fold To Flop CBet IP
      Raise Flop CBet IP
      Call Flop CBet IP
      Fold To Turn CBet IP
      Raise Turn CBet IP
      Call Turn CBet IP
      Fold To River CBet IP
      Raise River CBet IP
      Call River CBet IP
      Fold To Flop CBet OOP
      Raise Flop CBet OOP
      Call Flop CBet OOP
      Fold To Turn CBet OOP
      Raise Turn CBet OOP
      Call Turn CBet OOP
      Fold To River CBet OOP
      Raise River CBet OOP
      Call River CBet OOP
      Flop CBet IP Pct
      Turn CBet IP Pct
      River CBet IP Pct
      Flop CBet OOP Pct
      Turn CBet OOP Pct
      River CBet OOP Pct
      Overall vs Unopened PFR
      Overall vs Unopened VPIP
      Overall vs 1 Limper PFR
      Overall vs 1 Limper VPIP
      Overall vs 2+ Limper PFR
      Overall vs 2+ Limper VPIP
      BB Fold to SB Steal
      BB Raise SB Steal
      BB Defend SB Steal
      BB Fold to BTN Steal
      BB Raise BTN Steal
      BB Defend BTN Steal
      BB Fold to CO Steal
      BB Raise CO Steal
      BB Defend CO Steal
      Reraise from Blinds from CO/BTN Steal
      Flop CBet in 3bet pot
      Turn Cbet in 3bet Pot
      River CBet in 3bet Pot
      Fold vs Flop CBet in 3Bet Pot
      Raise Flop CBet in 3Bet Pot
      Fold vs Turn Cbet in 3Bet pot
      Raise Turn Cbet in 3Bet pot
      Fold vs River CBet in 3bet pot
      Raise River CBet in 3bet pot
      Early Position Fold to 3 bet
      Early Position Call 3 bet
      Early Position Raise 3 bet
      Middle Position Fold to 3 bet
      Middle Position Call 3 bet
      Middle Position Raise 3 bet
      Cutoff Fold to 3 bet
      Cutoff Call 3 bet
      Cutoff Raise 3 bet
      Button Fold to 3 bet
      Button Call 3 bet
      Button Raise 3 bet
      Small Blind Fold to 3 bet
      Small Blind Call 3 bet
      Small Blind Raise 3 bet
      Early Position 4 Bet Range
      Middle Position 4 Bet Range
      Cutoff 4 Bet Range
      Button 4 Bet Range
      Small Blind 4 Bet Range
      Big Blind 4 Bet Range
      4Bet Success
      4bet vs Resteal
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