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      sto provando a comprimere un video di una sessione; quasi subito però mi esce questo errore e non capisco cosa può essere! help me please :)

      Possible Causes Of Encoding Failure
      An ERROR has occurred while encoding.

      The most common possible reasons causing error:

      If you did not check "DirectShow Decode", you may try

      to check it on, as you may have a working ActiveX

      filter installed on your PC that could read the codecs

      of your input file.

      The VideoScaleSize is set to "NoChange", but your input

      source file may have its height or width not divisible

      by 16 then SUPER © can't handle it. Choose any other

      pre-defined VideoScaleSize and re-encode.

      Your input source file may not be a valid multimedia clip

      due to a damaged header, corrupted/segmented data or

      truncated file. Your input file may have unsupported

      codecs. Verify the structure and the used codecs of

      your input file by double clicking it, the Media Analysis Box

      opens to display its info, codecs, and other internal data.

      There was an interruption of the encoding process

      due to Disk space, Slow PC, RAM drainage, CPU overload

      or a simple user manual interruption. Try again

      Please discuss all your encoding errors at SUPER © forum
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