• Gabry81
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      Titan Poker Cambridge 20/40, hand converted by the iPoker Converter (http://www.talking-poker.com/hands/converter.aspx) at Talking-Poker (http://www.talking-poker.com)
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      Button Johnnaces (1400)
      SB madchip84 (1430)
      BB 23ROJO (1180)
      UTG Gabry81 (1470)
      UTG+1 Shvacuum (1470)
      MP Jan Ovenn (3150)
      CO-1 Tirolerbaer (3140)
      CO formypips (1760)

      Preflop: Gabry81 is UTG with Qc Qs
      Gabry81 raises to 160, 5 folds, madchip84 calls 140, 1 fold.

      Flop (360) Kh 9c Ks
      madchip84 checks, Gabry81 bets 240, madchip84 calls 240.

      Turn (840) Jh
      madchip84 checks, Gabry81 bets 1070, madchip84 moves all-in for 1030.

      River (2940) Ac

      madchip84 shows Kd Ah
      Gabry81 shows Qc Qs

      madchip84 wins 2940 with A full house, Kings and Aces

      Come andava giocata dal flop in poi? Penso che la bet al flop è giusta ma l'all in al turn forse no...
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