Fold coppia di Q preflop,tavolo tight

    • PierinoConti
      Presente da: 01-29-2008 Contributi: 1.966
      PokerStars Tournament game, buy-in $20+2, Level V $75/$150 No Limit, 9 players
      Hand History Converted by

      SB: T$3550
      HERO (BB): T$5350
      UTG: T$2775
      UTG+1: T$3410
      MP1: T$1755
      MP2: T$3440
      MP3: T$5615
      CO: T$4210
      Button: T$5540

      SB posts Small Blind T$75
      HERO posts Big Blind T$150

      Pre-flop: Q: Q: (T$225)
      UTG folds
      UTG+1 raises to T$375
      MP1 folds
      MP2 folds
      MP3 folds
      CO raises to T$775
      Button folds
      SB calls T$775
      HERO calls T$700
      UTG+1 raises to T$3260
      CO raises to T$4060
      SB calls T$2700
      HERO folds

      Flop: 6: A: 7: ($11720)

      Turn: 6: A: 7: 2: (T$11720)

      River: 6: A: 7: 2: 5: (T$11720)

      SB shows T: Q:
      CO shows K: A:
      UTG+1 shows K: K:
      CO wins T$11360 with a pair of Aces
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